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NEW 2007. 9.19 Our DENNOBAN was in the spotligt in the OSTA-OSSthat had been held in San Francisco.
Please refer to here for details.
NEW 2007. 8.29 Our company was recognized as first time "Yokohama Kachigumi enterprise"
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  2007. 5.15 Sales of myPdisc began.
The download site is here →
The distribution of goods is here →
  2007. 4.27 The introduction site of myPdisc was established.
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  2006.12.25 IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) was introduced as the top news of World Business Satellite (WBS) presented by TV-Tokyo.
  2006.12.21 The Dennoban was published on the front page of NIKKEI BUSINESS DAILY.
  2006.12.13 The patent list was updated.
  2006. 6.20 One director was elected.
  2006. 5.22 The content of the history and the company overview was added along with the execution of the 2nd third-party allocation of shares.
  2006. 3. 8 Greetings from the president was updated.
  2006. 2.15 The patent list was updated.
  2006. 1.22 The information of office move.
The office was moved from the sixth floor of the Shin-Yokohama Business Center building to the third floor.
  2005. 9.16 IntelligentDisc, Inc. Digix Technology Co., Ltd. and HAANSOFT, Inc. concluded the MOU concerning the Dennoban
  2005.9.13 Chinese Homepage Opened!
  2005.2.10 Homepage opened!