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Board Members
Takashi Shigetomi PXVT




Graduates from Keio University, Faculty of Law
Starts working for Mitsui & Co.
Initiated CD-ROM car navigation system in Japan and applied for bootable CD patent
Establishes Optrom Inc. ( Mitsui & Co. invest 30% )
The bootable CD patent was registered.
Took early retirement course from Mitsui & Co. and assumed office as the president of Optrom.
Develops the prototype of IntelligentDisc.
Resigned the representative director of OPTROM,
Resigned from Optrom to devote myself to the development of IntellligentDisc.
Establishes IntelligentDisc, Inc.

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Tomio Goto PXUU


Graduates from Suzuka National College of Technology, majoring in electrical engineering.
Starts working for Nippon Electric Company (NEC), successfully develops
micro-computer training kit TK-80 with NEC Semi-conductor Group.
The product starts the micro-computer boom in Japan.
Becomes the first micro-computer lecturer in Korea, was invited to speak
at Korea Fine Instrument Center.
As the project leader for NECfs first personal computer PC8000, then 8800,8200 series, PC100 which aimed at being the Japanese answer to
Mac, electronic notebook ET, PC engine for TV games and worldfs
first CDROM game, he contributed to the start-up of NECfs PC business.
Later, joins in establishing NEC Multi-Media Studio and NEC Inter-Channel.
Has many personal contacts with members in the PC and game industries.
Supports artists and creators through his work as an engineer.

Returns to Semi-Conductor Group. Markets system LSI.
Retires early from NEC. Becomes a freelance engineer/consultant. Currently works as a consultant to Nakagawa Special Steels Inc., investing in ventures and incubation activities. Works also as an adviser to Hashimoto Inc., SPIRIT Inc. ( Russia ) and Hokkaido Venture Capital.

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Hiroyasu Karimoto PXVS










Graduates from Kanazawa University, Faculty of Technology with Master of Engineering.
Starts working for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Works in Central Laboratory, researches in semi-conductors.
Winner of Presidentfs Award with
< Development of Thin Membrane Thermal Head for Facsimiles >.
Transferred to Matsushita Research Institute of Technology.
< Develops of red laser, red diode dumbbell >
< Develops of vertical magnetization recording >
( researches physicals and electronic characteristics of thin membrane )
Transferred to Living Business Department, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
< Markets e BEGIN e line for singles >
< Markets electronic toys e Pana Kids e >
( researches marketing )
Head group, Head Technical Department, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd..
< Winner of Presidentfs Award with research and merchandizing e 1 / f Fluctutatione > ( researches inter-departmental co-operations, lecturing, publication and TV media )
Head Manager of Technology, Matsushita Pavilion, World City Expo.
Transferred to Optoelectronic Industry & Technology Development Association ( OITDA ), a juridical foundation affiliated with the MITI.
< Markets electronic toys e Pana Kids e >
( researches venture business )
e Integrated digital picture support system Kidfs Hat e chosen for MITIfs original software creating project.
( researches automated animation drawing )
Preparation project for establishing Panasonic Center.
< Builds and organizes technology and systems used in the Center >
treated as early retirement from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. April Establishes Conents Co.,Ltd. becomes its president.
Opens PASOKON SODANSHITSU ( ePC consultation roomf ), a foothold for Local IT activity
Joins IntelligentDisc , Inc. as Development Manager

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