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Massage from the President
We invented the concept of IntelligentDisc (Dennoban), which is an optical disk that contains OS and software applications and has electronic circuits, such as a security chip containing CPU, RAM, ROM, and an communication antenna, on it; and we filed a first patent application for it twenty years ago ( now we have 34 registered patents). .

The background of this invention was as follows: Twenty years ago there was incompatibility among PC software applications and data from different companies, which was inconvenient. There is now compatibility as far as PCs installed with Windows is concerned, because of Microsoft's and Intel's good work, however it would be nice for us if we can enjoy various OSs according to TPO without installing or uninstalling OS in HDD. Should the IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) compatible PCs(HDD is replaced by blue laser optical disk drive with RFID R/W) become popular and widely spread in the world, we wouldn’t have to carry heavy PCs ,we only have to carry a tiny little DVD size disk only wherever and whenever you want to reproduce your own PC environment secured by IC chip.

Moreover, contents downloaded on IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) are protected by the chip on the disk according to the DRM policy prescribed to each content.

The chip on the disk can also be used as e-money or generator of one time pass words that can be applied for the Secured Credit Card System.

I hope that IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) will be mass-produced at low cost. The IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) consists of an optical disc and electronic circuits, including the CPU that can be produced at low per-unit costs if they are produced in large quantities.

We aim at prompt IPO in order to raise funds so that we can improve the eminence of IntelligentDisc (Dennoban) and make it de facto standard through global marketing.

Takashi Shigetomi
President, IntelligentDisc, Inc.
January 1, 2005
Takashi Shigetomi
Takashi Shigetomi
President, IntellingentDisc, Inc.

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